Brost Law Offices provides accurate, complete and practical legal advice and counsel for small to medium sized fraternal benefit societies and life insurance companies. I specialize in the legal issues affecting our corporate client's insurance and retirement products that they offer to the public.

  • My legal advice and counsel includes the following types of services:
  • Legal research - including 50 state research of insurance related topics;
  • Individual claim and case assistance for all 50 states and Washington DC;
  • Administrative process review;
  • Legal assistance with product development;
  • Drafting, development and filing of notices, endorsements and contract language changes;
  • Legal assistance with and representation with the IRS on insurance product tax issues, including, but not limited to annuities, IRAs, SEPs, SIMPLEs, Tax Sheltered Annuities and other qualified retirement plans;
  • Assistance with mediation and arbitration processes and cases; and
  • Advertising, marketing and training review.

Recognizing that smaller companies do not have large budgets for legal expenses, I provide reasonably priced access to the same sophisticated legal advice available through dedicated in-house product and tax counsel.

I use the same specialized tools, techniques and knowledge that larger insurance companies and trade organizations use. My legal advice and counsel are delivered in a timely and efficient manner.

Contact us to see how Brost Law Offices can help your company.


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